These Have to be the Most Embarrassing Uniforms Ever

You think you’re going to take a job doing something interesting or athletic or truly helpful, and then you get your uniform with all your new hire paperwork and wonder if it’s worth it. Here are some of the most ridiculous uniforms we’ve ever seen!

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Okay, Notre Dame basketball, maybe this was strategic. After all, with uniforms this bright, you could just blind the other team while you steal the ball, right? That’s a lot of green… did you ever have quite this much school spirit that you were willing to be seen like this in public? The next slide will have you wondering in what era someone thought this was a good idea?

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There are not showgirls… though, if that was your first thought, we totally see what you mean. No, believe it or not, these are flight attendants. Someone must have thought this bright ensemble would wake those customers for whom the loud rattling of the refreshment cart wasn’t enough to interrupt their slumber? While we’re looking at outfits displaying a lack of respect for women, get a load of these athletes in the next slide…

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So, way to go, US Women’s Cycling Team. You’ve made it blatantly obvious to the world you don’t get proportions or how female bodies work. Either the material is actually darker in an unfortunate place, or, someone doesn’t understand that this is the warmest part of the body and subject to perspiration. The same designer might have worked on the next swimsuit.

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This is, apparently, not a rip in the suit at all but an intentional opening. For what, you may ask? We’re not sure we even want to know. The next uniform will cover everything, but, you will inevitably look like an uncle, not a serious athlete…

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Goofy expression aside, those shorts?! That collar?! The Chicago White Sox in the ’70s ran around the field in these ballpark charmers. Guess whoever thought shorts was a good idea never played ball – ouch! The next ballpark bruiser covers the knees, but, you might want a bag for to cover that shirt…

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Guess you can tell they’re the Pittsburgh Pirates – could it be that hideous cartoon t-shirt that gave it away? How much of that expression on the player’s face has to do with the game versus having to look at his teammate’s shirt? Misery probably loves company, so, good thing the next “security” officers have each other…

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So, how threatening does the Vatican Guard look to you? If you were seriously after the pope, would you worry too much about a bunch of guys in striped pantaloons? Do you suppose it’s time to update this uniform? The next group of athletes might agree…

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It looks like some bad idea your mom had for a family Easter photo, right? Well, you’d be wrong, as this is the opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games official blue and plaid atrocity – we mean, uniform – for participants. Next up, a very uncomfortable focal point…

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These competitive cyclists look like their bottom halves were replaced with mannequin parts! It’s not your fault, you can’t help it – your eye goes straight to the crotch! Well, at least for the last group, your eyes will have no idea what to focus on… since they’ll be watering anyway from the painful pattern on these guys…

This is the Norwegian Curling Team! Do they win for most embarrassing uniform of all time? Or, was that open flap on the swimsuit too much to … “bare?!?!”
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Written by Sabrina Terence

Sabrina Terence is a successful Artist, DJ, Model, TV host, and Spiritual Advisor.

The Record setting abstract Artist became the first to successfully send her artwork 65 km high into space.

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