Ladies Start To Fight In Tiny Dresses… Just Wait

Two girls in tiny dresses, what could be better? Two girls in tiny dresses fighting, of course. These two have some sort of hatred between each other, but we don’t even care what it is. It’s the girl in red versus the girl in yellow. Two women enter, only one can win, and (apparently) neither of them can keep their clothes on. You won’t want to miss this one!

Throwing Hands

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Unfortunately for us, the people in the video are speaking another language, so it’s almost impossible to get any sort of backstory besides what we can see. The two girls in this video obviously don’t like each other though. Right off the bat, it starts with the girl in red getting a fist full of hair while the girl in yellow tries to land punches.

Bed Time!

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The two keep wailing at each other’s faces right there on the bed while the third party just sticks to video taping. She yells some things from behind the camera, but the two girls weren’t listening to any of that.

To the Floor

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Eventually, the girl in yellow starts to dominate and ends up pinning the girl in red on the floor. She sits on top of her while both of them continue to land hits. They both have long hair, so they’re grabbing each other and pulling their necks around as well.
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Written by Sabrina Terence

Sabrina Terence is a successful Artist, DJ, Model, TV host, and Spiritual Advisor.

The Record setting abstract Artist became the first to successfully send her artwork 65 km high into space.

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